What Insurance You Need to Be a Courier

Courier insurance is that the insurance which encompasses a spread of aspects which can cover you against any possibilities while you’re at work. If you’re somebody who is intending on employing a vehicle for commercial purposes, like delivering goods on behalf of a firm, then you’re getting to need courier insurance.

Vehicle Insurance

Courier insurance will still provide you with all the standard options which you’d expect from any vehicle policy , such as; legal costs, replacement vans, and your no claims discount. But the most cost effective courier insurance will set you back about £1,500 and £2,000 usually. However if you’re under 25 then you’ll struggle to get any courier insurance in the least .


If you plan on keeping your car or another van for personal use then most insurers won’t offer you any no claims bonus, but if you plan on getting obviate your private vehicle then you ought to be ready to transfer your no claims discount to your new policy.

Two Choices

A method to urge the most cost effective courier insurance is to not get this specific quite insurance. the choice is light haulier insurance. However, not all insurers offer light haulier insurance so you would possibly need to go searching so as to seek out an insurance firm which does.

Light haulier insurance only covers you for a particular amount of trips every day and should exclude you from taking work from some courier companies because they demand their couriers to possess full courier insurance.

Some other exclusions also inherit play counting on your policy so check your policy carefully before committing to anything; common exclusions include carrying hazardous goods and driving at airports.

Goods Insurance

Goods insurance may be a sort of insurance which may form a neighborhood of any comprehensive courier insurance package. This protects goods you’re carrying against damage, theft, or loss. Most of the time you will not be given any sort of no claims discount and it’ll set you back somewhere within the region of £200 to £300 annually .

Nearly all courier companies will refuse to use you if you do not have Goods Insurance as a neighborhood of your courier insurance package.

It should be noted that a lot of insurance companies only cover goods which are being carried while they’re in your vehicle and not while they’re being transported to and from your vehicle. confirm you check your policy carefully so as to see what’s covered and what isn’t covered.

Public Liability

For an additional charge you’ll normally get this cover as a part of your goods insurance. Public insurance will protect you against any accidents caused by you or your goods while you’re at work. However if the accident is found to be your fault then you’ll be cursed with the bill.

Employer’s Liability

Employer’s insurance wont to be a legal requirement, except for most subcontractors this is often not necessary so if an insurance firm attempts to sell you this cover then just say no because your goal is to urge the most cost effective courier insurance possible whereas the insurer is trying to sell you the maximum amount cover as possible.

Working Abroad

Most insurance policies only cover you whilst you’re in UK, and a few even exclude the Republic of eire , so confirm you arrange extra cover whilst you’re travelling abroad.

Purchasing Insurance

When checking out the most cost effective courier insurance possible you should not be blinded by price alone. Your goal should be to urge the most cost effective courier insurance you’ll while still having the duvet you would like to guard yourself against any eventuality you’ll encounter whilst at work.

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